Recently, we sang these familiar words in our Sunday service: “Freely, freely you have received. Freely, freely give. Go in My name, and because you believe, others will know that I live.”

The Lord freely shares His great love with us and then asks us to share His love with others.

But this is more difficult than we even realize. Our “stuff” gets in the way. Our past hurts, our ungrieved losses, our defense mechanisms hinder us from the freedom to fully love God, ourselves and others. We are often in bondage to our past, whether we realize it or not. We are in need of inner healing and transformation.

Inner healing and transformation does not happen without our cooperation and intentionality. A Healing Care group provides a wonderful opportunity to grow and heal individually and in

community. A Healing Care Group experience is for those wanting to grow in relationship with Jesus and experience more freedom and wholeness in their Christian life. These groups are

incredibly rewarding but are also a big commitment.

Healing Care Groups take place over 13 weeks, with 12 main sessions and an orientation week.

The teachings and experiences in each week build on one another helping group members journey together and grow over time. Together group members learn to identify and then let God

heal parts of their past story that may still impact them in the present day.

Too often experiences from the past are breezed past and their potential impact ignored. Many people carry a backpack full of emotional wounds and losses that they have either ignored or

are too afraid to open up. A Healing Care Group creates space to explore these things and for God to restore us.

If you are looking for greater freedom or wholeness, a Healing Care Group might be for you. We are planning to start a group this coming August. If you feel even the slightest interest, please

email or call either:

Dr. David Oliver


(330) 497-8109

Ellen Cooper