How to…

Requesting Prayer

A Prayer request form is available in the back of the pew, or you can call the church office, 330-833-8529 or email us at

Getting to know you!

A friendship form is available in the back of the pew.  We welcome you to our church family.  There is an area to complete, letting us know of areas about which you would like more information or groups which you would like to join.

Becoming a member of our church

Joining First United Methodist Church gives you the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God, Self, Others, and to unite with others in this congregation as we:

        • Deepen our understanding of Christ;
        • Experience the grace of God;
        • Claim and share our gifts and talents;
        • Serve to make a difference in the lives of others;
        • Belong to a community of faith and
        • Broaden our friendships.

How to Join First United Methodist Church

You may make your desire known to join First United Methodist Church at any worship service. Just come forward during the singing of the last song/hymn and tell the pastor that you would like to join our congregation or contact the church office.


 If you currently belong to another United Methodist Church, make your wishes known we will write the United Methodist Church holding your membership and request a transfer of membership.

 If you belong to another denomination, you may make your desire known to join First United Methodist Church and we will write to the church holding your membership requesting a transfer. The United Methodist Church honors the baptisms of other denominations, so you will not have to be baptized again.

 If you are not a member of any church and you have not been baptized you will be baptized at the church service when you join the church. Once baptized, you will join by “profession of faith.”